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The room designer from Parador With the room planner, you can simply do your room planning online. Choose from the comprehensive range of laminate, engineered wood or vinyl floors or from the Eco Balance PUR range.

You do not need to download the room planner, but can try out your furnishing ideas immediately online. The online room designer works like the planning software for kitchens, wall design or an interior design planner, for example.

What was previously never possible, has been enabled by the technology spurt of recent years: to use colours, materials, decors and wood types to design according to your own taste. In this way you can soon get an impression of how your home could look – and in three dimensions nonetheless. The joy of creating will certainly lead you to your dream home! From floor to ceiling. The room planner in 3D - Floor planner 3D - the Parador PlanBar

With the room designer, you can lay a floor covering on the photo of your room:

1.      Upload room photo via the corresponding dialogue box

2.      Mask the area on your photo where you intend to install the new floor. At any time during the selection process, you have the opportunity to use the zoom function (magnifying glass) to get closer to your flooring area.

3.      Once the flooring areas has been masked, the image must be put into perspective with the help of the grid. Only by using the right perspective will we achieve a realistic photo once the flooring area has been fitted. You can use the test textures (colours and texture) at any time to look at the result of the perspective creation in a preview.

4.      Now save your work and transfer the prepared room photo directly to the installation tool. You can select the corresponding Parador floor via the filter navigation. Once you have found the floor you want, you can insert it directly into the flooring area.

5.      You can select other floors and wall areas using the image processing function. These wall areas can then be painted. Simply mask the area, save and select the wall colours section in the top navigation.

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