Our guarantee

Parador offers premium quality ›Made in Germany and Austria‹. Our many years of experience provides the foundation for this combined with the relentless drive to further develop our expertise in all relevant areas. Our customers can tell the quality of our products by the brilliance of the decors, the perfection of the wood working and the authenticity of the textures. That is why we offer our customers an extended manufacturer's guarantee, regardless of the product selected and of the nature and intensity of its usage.

Guarantee for home usage



Lifetime home usage

Laminate flooring: Classic | Trendtime
Resilient floor coverings: Classic 2030 | Classic 2050 | Trendtime | Eco Balance PUR


plpg227SF_garantie_25_jahre_privat25 years home usage

Laminate flooring: Edition | Edition New Classics
Engineered wood flooring: Eco Balance | Classic | Trendtime | Edition New Classics


plpg226SF_garantie_20_jahre_privat20 years home usage

Laminate flooring: Eco Balance 7-32


plpg224SF_garantie_15_jahre_privat15 years home usage

Laminate flooring: Eco Balance 7-31 | Identity


plpg223F_garantie_12_jahre_privat12 years home usage

Laminate flooring: Basic


plpg221SF_garantie_10_jahre_privat10 years home usage

Engineered wood flooring: Basic 11-5
Resilient floor coverings: Basic


Guarantee for commercial usage

plpg220F_garantie_10_jahre_gewerblich-png10 years commercial usage

Resilient floor coverings: Classic | Trendtime | Eco Balance PUR
Laminate flooring: Edition


plpg219F_garantie_5_jahre_gewerblich5 years commercial usage

Laminate flooring: Eco Balance | Classic | Trendtime  


Our manufacturer's guarantee offers additional benefits to the statutory warrant

  • Extended guarantee on processing errors
  • Free of charge repair on replacement of parts proven to be faulty
  • Utilisation of the Parador after sales support


You need the following documents to register your guarantee

  • The purchase receipt from the dealer where you bought our product
  • The name of the product (e.g. Laminate Classic 1050)

Here you can download the warranty certificate:

> Go to warranty certificate

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