Eco Balance

The laminate and engineered wood flooring products from the Eco Balance range and our assortment of resilient floor coverings from the Eco Balance PUR range combine design quality and innovation with a particularly ecologically sound production process.

Forests are essential to life – for mankind, animals and plants. That is why it is vital to conserve this specific habitat for future generations.

We at Parador fulfil this mission to a particularly high degree, for example, with Eco Balance engineered wood flooring. Here, by using less timber with the same sophisticated material quality, we can conserve more resources than previously. In addition we produce in the Austrian town of Güssing – a place that is called a »Eco Mecca« because an autonomous energy oasis has been created there by means of a biomass power station. Fifty tonnes of wood are vaporised in the power station every day, above all waste material from our engineered wood factory, which itself only uses green hydroelectric power. The energy generated in this way produces more district heat and power than the Güssing area can use itself. Even biodiesel is expected to be generated in future. Whilst operating, the power station only releases as much CO2 as the trees that form the biomass previously removed from the atmosphere through photosynthesis whilst growing. The »Tree growing and tree burning« cycle is therefore inherently CO2-neutral.

At Parador we are pleased if we can positively influence how people think and act with Eco Balance.  At Parador, entrepreneurial spirit and ecology come together – from our partners in forestry management and our whole production process through to details such as the packaging of our products. 


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