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For us at Parador, living with a certain standard of quality goes hand in hand with the responsibility of conserving the planet for the next generations – and at the same time creating a perfect balance between the environment, social commitment and business.

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  • Sustainable production

    Actions speak louder than words: A fact check on Parador production.

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  • Parador Initiative

    The future of the earth is in our hands – and in those of our children.

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  • Eco Balance

    The laminate and engineered wood flooring products from the Eco Balance range and our assortment of resilient floor coverings from the Eco Balance PUR range combine design quality and innovation with a particularly...

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  • Ecological balance

    Environmental product declarations (EPD) form the basis for the ecological building evaluation.

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  • Certified materials

    Our products are regularly tested by independent institutes for their quality attributes and environmental impact and have been found to be good. You can find the most important certifications here.

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  • Healthy living

    Living in its most natural form.

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  • Plain text

    Besides design and technology leadership, innovative companies are also increasingly distinguished by their ecological awareness and a respectful approach to mankind and nature.

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*Alle Preise verstehen sich als unverbindliche Preisempfehlung (UVP) von Parador inklusive der gesetzlichen Mehrwertsteuer in Deutschland. Die Preise unserer Handelspartner können abweichen.

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