Wall / ceiling joint pattern

Besides the decor, format and surface texture, the joint pattern also determines the characteristic look of the panels considerably. The products in the ClickBoard range, on the other hand, are assembled without joints and create an almost seamless look. Whilst jointless panelling creates a calm, self-contained impression, an installation with joints underlines the individual character of the planks. With a choice between various joint patterns, Parador extends the scope to create individual designs.





Panels fit together without a noticeable connection. Closed overall impression.



Decor panels

Design joint

The design joint ensures delicate transitions and an exclusive look. 


Wissenswertes_Fugenbild_Wand-Decke_0_fuge_nut_federDecor panels

Modern 0 cm joint

Modern 0 cm joint due to all-round softline edge. The individual panels are especially emphasised.




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