Parador ClickBoard and decor panels can basically be used in all living areas. It is therefore also possible to use them in rooms with changing climate conditions, such as the bathroom or kitchen. ClickBoard and decor panels should not be used in areas where water splashes.

To prevent damage, especially long formats should be carried by two people. Before assembly, for acclimatisation purposes the panels must be stored for at least 48 hours in unopened packaging at their place of installation. For the assembly process, a substructure is necessary, which is panelled with ClickBoard or the decor panels.

Make sure that the substructure is correctly aligned so that an optimal assembly result is ensured. For panels from a total thickness bigger than 11 mm, the distance to the substructure must be 60 cm, whilst for panels with a total thickness less than 11 mm the gap should be 40 cm. Please make sure during assembly that the groove on the panels points downwards. 

Assembly can then be accomplished on one's own, but it is easier with two people. ClickBoard is fastened to the substructure in the middle of the area using centre clamps. Wide ClickBoard panels are not suitable as ceiling cladding due to their high weight. For fitting under the ceiling, narrow ClickBoard panels must therefore be resorted to. The decor panels from the series: Basic 10, Rapido Click and Milano Click are fixed in place using the fastening claw for click-in panels, Novara using the profile claw 3 for tongue and groove panels. 

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