Useful information about Parador Eco Balance PUR floors

Eco Balance PUR sets standards in terms of ecology in the field of resilient floor coverings. The proven product properties of resilient floors are achieved on the basis of an ecological material - without compromising on design and quality.

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Why Parador Eco Balance PUR is special

Living with a certain standard of quality goes hand in hand with the responsibility of conserving the planet for the next generations. The need to handle natural resources responsibly in our own life-time can also be seen in the growing interest in sustainably produced products in all sectors.

Eco Balance PUR – the innovative development from the Parador assortment: quiet, energy efficient, sustainable. After engineered wood and laminate flooring, another assortment has now taken its well-earned place in the Parador Eco Balance range. The new Eco Balance PUR floors make use of the modern, versatile and safe material, polyurethane – PUR for short – which is already found in everyday things such as household sponges, cosmetics and tooth brushes. In the field of resilient floor coverings, Eco Balance PUR floors set standards in terms of ecology, without letting the high standard of design and quality drop.


In the case of Eco Balance PUR, only certified raw materials are used to manufacture products that are healthy for the home. Production is done without using plasticisers. Leftover wood and machine waste is fed back into the production cycle. For the wear layer we use the high quality material polyurethane, which gives the floor its unmistakable properties. Eco Balance PUR is essentially made of natural raw materials, which are used sparingly by us and are subject to constant checks.


High density fibreboard is used to support Eco Balance PUR floors. These wood fibres originate from domestic, sustainable forestry and recyclable materials from the timber industry. The decors are printed on certified paper with a high recycled percentage and watercolours based on pigments with no heavy metal content. Polyurethane is a material without plasticisers, which is part of our everyday life. It can be found in mattresses, upholstered furniture and car seats, for example.

Packaging and installation

Installation is glueless – conserving resources, without the use of additional adhesives, packaged in recycled paper and in film that is fed back into the recycling system. Health in the home Eco Balance PUR is low on emissions and contributes to a positive indoor climate for the whole family. Eco Balance PUR floors ensure a particularly pleasant feel to walk on, as they are warm to the feet, non-slip and kind to the joints thanks to their elasticity. A very special plus point to our floors is the excellent impact and footfall noise insulation due to the PUR coating, which creates optimal room acoustics and is further reinforced by our natural cork on the reverse side.

Life cycle

Due to its hard-wearing properties, Eco Balance PUR is distinguished by a long life span.


Forests are essential to life – for mankind, animals and plants. That is why it is vital to conserve this specific habitat for future generations. Forest conservation actively protects the environment: Eco Balance products are all certified by the PEFC, the guarantee of a monitored processing chain and the reforestation of the woods affected – independently monitored, seamlessly traceable and sustainable.


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