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Each form of architecture has its own character. Design quality means giving this character its final identity. With highly innovative technology, Parador Identity raises the usual limits of individual flooring design – and gives planning creativity a completely new degree of freedom.

Design examples & References

Due to its top values in terms of durability and energy efficiency, laminate flooring is now experiencing a higher level of appreciation than ever. With Parador Identity we move away from the pure functionality of a laminate floor and open up creative freedom in the design. Due to the innovative digital print process, Artprint, developed by Parador, all types of motif can be turned into a laminate decor in the highest possible resolution, outstanding print quality and fascinating colour brilliance. Starting from an area of 100 m² we produce unique laminate floors according to your specifications.

That makes Parador Identity ideally suited for the project and contract sector, in order to represent a brand or a company on the floor in eye-catching fashion. To produce your personal Identity floor, simply get in touch with our contract team.

Inspirational motifs provide fascinating new design options, which give the individual character of any form of architecture its final identity. Identity floors are developed using individual creative and coordination processes and are only produced on request. The sources for completely new floor motifs are seemingly inexhaustible in this respect. In a flood of images, which we perceive every day, it is difficult for us to maintain an overview. That is why Parador provides a well-stocked library with motif suggestions. Clearly structured in seven categories, a wide variety of decors and colours are possible, which can be individually modified in terms of colour and decor on request. The result, combined with different installation patterns and plank formats, is an endless number of high quality designs. 

Identity laminate floors give everyone the chance of turning their individual ideas in terms of flooring design into reality. This special design freedom takes approx. 2 months from receiving the enquiry through to producing your floor.

How to become the designer of your floor:

     1. Send your enquiry to the Parador contract team using our contact form

     2. We will agree the individual artwork together with you.

     3. Your design decor will then be created and produced as an initial sample

     4. We produce the floor exclusively for your building





You will also find further details about Identity in our current information catalogue.

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