Parador engineered wood flooring composition

Parador real wood floors are impressive due to a large choice of individual design options, outstanding quality and intelligent technology. Special click mechanisms make awkward tools unnecessary and the floor installation particularly easy and stable, whether floating or completely glued. At the same time, the lamella and top layer impregnation carried out at the factory protects against damp; the product composition in three layers leads to higher dimensional stability. The top layer made exclusively of solid wood and combined with high quality surface finishes, guarantees that the products retain their value for a long time.

Parador Eco Balance engineered wood flooring composition

  1. There is a choice of various treatments for the surface
  2. Lamellar impregnation
  3. Top layer made of high quality solid wood
  4. Surrounding top layer impregnation for additional swell protection
  5. Balancing veneer
  6. Patented click mechanism
  7. Spruce-fir middle layer

Parador Eco Balance engineered wood flooring composition

  1. Surface naturally oiled (100 % natural materials) or lacquer finished (no solvents, 100 % solids, checked for emissions).
  2. Efficient 2.5 mm thick top layer made of high quality solid wood; sustainable and conserves resources.
  3. All-round top layer impregnation (made of natural waxes) for additional swell protection.
  4. 100 % wood – balancing veneer for optimal stability.
  5. Patented click mechanism for a safe and simple installation without glue.
  6. 100 % wood middle layer made of domestic spruce / fir; forms the quality foundation for a long product life cycle and at the same time is sustainable and conserves resources.

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