As a natural, living material, no two timbers are the same. The timber of one and the same type can have very different characteristics – from a calm, harmonious wood character to a lively and expressive one. In this way, the choice of assortment also shapes the character of a room.


The harmonious texturing and delicate shades allow exceptionally tranquil and sophisticated flooring to be created with the Select assortment.








For a floor design with a natural yet balanced overall effect, the Natur assortment offers the best foundation.








The Classic assortment features a lively spectrum between a harmonious, natural and earthy look.








The Living assortment is distinguished by a lively appearance and underlines the earthy character of the timber.








With a knotty look, a distinctive play of colours and an obvious grain, the Rustikal assortment has a particularly natural, earthy effect.

*Alle Preise verstehen sich als unverbindliche Preisempfehlung (UVP) von Parador inklusive der gesetzlichen Mehrwertsteuer in Deutschland. Die Preise unserer Handelspartner können abweichen.

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