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Coesfeld, January 2014 – You do not really need to prick up your ears to hear the difference, as in the case of the test using a metal ball that is firstly rolled across a laminate floor and then across the new Eco Balance PUR floor, you notice it immediately: Eco Balance PUR is much quieter.

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The floor also feels good to the touch and comes very close to its role model, wood. It is warm, has deeply embossed textures and a brilliant colour intensity. Eco Balance PUR also scores highly in terms of sustainability: it uses 75 per cent fewer materials compared to vinyl, thus enabling resources to be conserved.

Eco Balance PUR has a composition that is similar to a laminate floor: the components are a certified HDF core board, a cork balancing layer and the decor paper coated with PUR. PUR is deemed to be a particularly high quality plastic, which is used for example as an imitation leather on cockpit trims, mattresses and car seats. The material is long lasting, meaning that Parador is able to give a guarantee of 15 years for home use. Eco Balance PUR is suitable for underfloor heating systems. This means that energy can be saved by the generally lower heat required with subfloor heating.


Brilliant colours, authentic textures

Another benefit of the material PUR is its transparency. This makes the water-based colours of the decor paper used for Eco Balance PUR 

brilliant and intensive. The ability to emboss textures in an authentically deep way also ensures an impression that comes very close to real wood. 

It is anticipated that Parador will start in April 2014 with an Eco Balance PUR range consisting of 6 long plank designs (2200 x 243 x 9 mm), 3 short plank designs (1285 x 194 x 9 mm) and 6 different wood decors. All floors will feature a 4-sided mini V-groove.


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