Laminate flooring with history

Coesfeld, June 2011 – What do the famous Delft tiles, the old parquet floor at a Berlin law office and a bar counter have in common?

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All three inspired Parador to design new laminate floors. In this way the company is following a major trend: the yearning for authenticity.

The Parador design smiths can be imagined something like this: at the Coesfeld headquarters, designers play with Delft tiles. These are combined, rotated, pushed and swapped over and over again to make new patterns. After some while, they are happy. The result is a mosaic made up of the tile classic, which gives the impression that it has lain there for hundreds of years and has been walked over by generations of people. And it is precisely this that makes the “Delft” laminate flooring from the “Trendtime 4” collection so fascinating. With its discreet signs of wear, it has a mysterious and at the same time familiar effect. And thus exudes authenticity.


Signs of life 

Authentic also describes the histories of two more laminate floors, which could not be more different. “Walnut antique” is the reproduction of a parquet floor that had lain in a Berlin law office over a hundred years, where it had been allowed to age gracefully with regular care and had developed a distinct deep brown colour. The laminate floor “Ash grey brown” is quite different: it is the imitation of a bar counter, which – most probably without regular care – had taken on a typical shade of grey over all the years and is covered in scratches and other signs of wear. Both floors have their very own character, which is marked by the signs of life. By genuine, inimitable signs that appear familiar to the onlooker.


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