New engineered wood flooring products for 2014

Coesfeld, January 2014 – Floors shape the character of a space, as they form the basis for the interior. The new engineered wood flooring products for 2014 from Parador offer solutions for different styles: for instance, engineered wood floors with a heavily stripped back, matt colour underline the character of modern lofts.

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The vintage style is matched by a new white oak with signs of wear. And with “wavescraped”, Parador presents a surface that is inspired by waves on the beach.

Clear, architectural looking textures

Clear textures with an architectural feel characterise the purist loft style. This suits floors whose elegance is equally stripped back. The engineered wood floor “Oak noir silver” impresses with an almost black colour, which is enhanced by silver, metallic pores and bevels. The obvious lengthways orientation of the longstrips is emphasised by joints that give the floor a particular elegance.


Engineered wood flooring Trendtime 1 Oak noir silver.


Innovatively finished surfaces

For the new engineered wood floors “Lignia Brasilica” and “Lignia Tuscany”, Parador uses an innovatively finished, sustainably growing Pinus radiata. The wood is soaked with resin and dyed right through. Besides the optical effect, these wood surfaces are harder and have a reduced swell and shrink behaviour.


“Wavescraped” provides optical and haptic experience

The engineered wood floor “Oak wavescraped”, with its striking, almost relief-like textures, not only provides an optical highlight but also a haptic experience. When developing this surface, a vivid image was used as inspiration: typical marks, left by waves in the sand, were recreated for this purpose.


Engineered wood flooring Trendtime 6 Oak sand wavescraped.


Vintage look in an elegant grey shade

Planks that appear to individually stick out give the engineered wood floor “Trendtime 9 Oak Old Block” the air of an ancient floor, on which dark gaps have become visible over time between individual lamellae. The almost archaic appearance of this floor is further emphasised by the wood textures fashioned by hand, such as grains, knots and cracks. The photo shows the new colour variation “Basalt”.


Engineered wood flooring Trendtime 9 Oak Old Block basalt.


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