Engineered wood flooring trend update 2013

Coesfeld, April 2013 – Old values, reminiscences of historic patterns: the new engineered wood flooring products from Parador provide surprises with fascinating designs, which pick up on classic flooring patterns or use special finishes to create the appearance that they were installed a long time ago and have been in use for decades.

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Wide planks with tapering, conical lines are based on the natural outline of a tree trunk, floors made of thermo oak exude a special cosiness, whilst other new engineered wood flooring products come alive from the exciting contrast between rusticality and metallic colours.


Block in “used look”

Planks that appear to individually stick out give the engineered wood floor “Oak Old Block” the air of an ancient wood floor, on which dark gaps have become visible over time between individual lamellae. The almost archaic appearance of this floor is further emphasised by the wood textures fashioned by hand, such as grains, knots and cracks. The light colouring makes the floor itself seem light and matches almost any furnishing style.


The flair of the big, wide world

Old pieces of wood, which were collected in the harbours of this world, were the inspiration for an unusual floor: In the case of "Trendtime 8 Seaport Oak", individual planks bring to mind old, well-travelled packing crates, which have been weathered by wind and rain on the high seas and have collected cracks, nail holes and stamp impressions. This floor picks up on a current trend that values used materials and transfers them to a new context.


Natural beauties

The engineered wood “Trendtime 8 Oak Tree Plank” is a floor for lovers of natural flooring beauties. Parador has transferred the conical shape of a tree trunk onto a wide plank here. The result is a vintage look with close-to-nature tapering lines. This floor, which also comes as “Oak smoked Tree Plank” in a darker version, has a modern, rustic appearance due to its plank shape combined with the hand-finished, partly cracked texture.


Classic engineered wood flooring patterns – modern technology  

The engineered wood floor “Oak Checkerboard” shows off a classic flooring pattern in a modern interpretation. The main attraction: no professional expert has to be involved in the installation process, as the checkerboard pattern is applied to planks in the wide plank format, which can be easily and securely installed using click technology.


Nordic understatement meets rustic oak

The metallic looking colour of this engineered wood floor is an interesting contrast to the natural material of oak. The engineered wood floor “Oak anthracite” fits into a modern ambience with clear textures.


Thermo oak in the interior

With the engineered wood floor “Trendtime 6 Thermo Oak Medium”, Parador brings a heat treated finish to the interior. Due to its rather dark colour, this floor exudes a pleasant cosiness. The warm atmosphere is reinforced by the natural oil finish of this floor. 


Vintage with Scandinavian elegance

The engineered wood floor “Trendtime 6 Ash” is an elegant, Nordic interpretation of the vintage style. The light colour gives the space an air of lightness, whilst grains and knots create an elegant natural quality with their fine rusticality. The simple beauty of the wood is allowed to take effect here.


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