Ecology and style in harmony

Coesfeld, January 2012 – “Eco Balance” is the name of a new product family from Parador.

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It includes 6 laminate and 15 engineered wood floors. With the Eco Balance products, the premium manufacturer focuses on health in the home and conserving resources. Ecological aspects therefore play an important role both in the choice of materials and during production. To coincide with the market launch, Parador also started a long-term cooperation with the German environmental organisation “Plant-for-the-Planet” and thereby hopes to demonstrate responsibility for climate protection and reforestation worldwide.



For the production of the engineered wood and laminate floors, the company only uses raw materials from domestic, sustainable forestry, which are turned into high quality floors after just short transport routes. In terms of production, Parador favours renewable energy and optimised manufacturing processes, which conserve resources and are low on emissions. The Eco Balance range thus appeals to the awareness of nature-oriented people, who on the one hand like to choose natural, harmless products for themselves, yet on the other hand are also guided by a distinct sense of responsibility towards the environment. As floor coverings, engineered wood and laminate are well ahead in the ecological balance sheet: a university study has shown that both engineered wood and laminate flooring score much better in terms of greenhouse potential and primary energy consumption than carpet or PVC.

With regard to the selection of finishes and decors, the manufacturer well known for its design competence placed particular value on a natural impression, which underlines the character of Eco Balance. The packaging is made of recycled paper and film. All products fulfil the environmental standards and are labelled with the relevant eco certificates like the Blauer Engel (Blue Angel), PEFC or FSC.



Parador and “Plant-for-the-Planet” enter long-term cooperation

To coincide with the market launch of Eco Balance, Parador started to work with the German environmental organisation Plant-for-the-Planet. This global student network goes back to the initiative of a then 9-year old boy from Bavaria, who wanted to tackle the lack of action among adults with regard to the climate crisis by taking active steps to protect the planet. Under the motto “Stop talking. Start planting.” he has made a name for himself worldwide with tree-planting events since 2007. To get other children interested, he brought academies to life where children train other children to become climate ambassadors. These academies take place all over the world. Plant-for-the-Planet has found prominent supporters and has been awarded numerous prizes. To date, 3.5 million trees have already been planted and over 10,000 children from 15 countries and four continents have attended the academies. Parador supports the children's academies and together with the children is planting one tree for every pack of Eco Balance sold to mark the market launch.



Eco Balance Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood conveys warmth and a sense of security. But more than that: due to the uniqueness of every tree, all wood products are individual specimens, which are authentic and unmistakable. This is precisely where the engineered wood floors from the new Eco Balance product family come in and bring the beauty of the natural material to the fore. Eco Balance engineered wood flooring is available in the timbers beech, oak and European Black walnut as block flooring or in the wide plank format. New, for example, is the decor “Oak sawn brushed”, which with its length and crossways textures is distinguished by a particularly pleasant feel and is also an optical highlight with its reserved shades of white.

When it comes to surface treatment, Parador relies on natural oil or a solvent-free lacquer finish. Both techniques underline the existing look of the wood. The natural oil allows the floor to develop its own patina, whereby subsequent treatment or renovation is possible at any time. The lacquer finished floors impress with their matt radiance, which elegantly emphasises the wood grain. With the aid of modern techniques, it has been possible to reduce the thickness of the top layer to 2.5 mm, meaning that fewer raw materials are used whilst maintaining the same product quality. All Eco Balance engineered wood floors can be renovated several times over thanks to their sturdy product composition. Parador provides a guarantee of 25 years.


Eco energy in engineered wood production

Parador deliberately only uses domestic timbers from monitored suppliers and thus avoids long transport routes. The engineered wood is produced at the Parador factory in the Austrian town of Güssing, which uses 100 per cent green electricity from hydro power. Leftover wood is delivered straight to the nearby “European Centre for Renewable Energy”, which converts wood chips and sawdust into thermal energy or electricity and thus puts them back into the energy cycle – a particularly ecological and sustainable system.


Eco Balance Laminate Flooring

With four aesthetically appealing oak imitations in the colours natural, slate-grey and dark brown, an ethnic pine floor and the decor “Coconut natural-brown”, Parador is targeting customers, who would like to combine environmental awareness, ecological standards and style. All the floors are available in the wide plank format. The laminate floor “Oak History” tells a very special story: it is a reproduction of historic oak planks that come from barns or timbered houses and may be more than 100 years old.


Natural materials ensure pleasant indoor climate

For Eco Balance laminate flooring, Parador uses raw materials from domestic, sustainable forestry, which are free of organic solvents and thus ensure a pleasant indoor climate. Only eco-friendly resins are used as binding agents. The decor is printed on certified paper using watercolours with no heavy metal content. The surface design with brushed or silk matt textures looks natural and is also pleasant to the touch. All-round V-joints particularly emphasise the natural quality of the planks. The laminate floors in the Eco Balance product range are anti-static. They are distinguished by their durability and hence a long service life. They are completely recyclable in terms of energy and material. The leftover wood accruing from the manufacture of the laminate flooring is fed back to the production cycle.

The engineered wood and laminate floors in the new “Eco Balance” product line are available in shops now. The sales price of Eco Balance laminate flooring is 12.99 to 16.99 Euro, Eco Balance engineered wood flooring is available from 34.99 to 89.99 Euro.


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