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Engineered wood flooring

New engineered wood flooring products for 2014

Floors shape the character of a space, as they form the basis for the interior. The new engineered wood flooring products for 2014 from Parador offer solutions for different styles: for instance, engineered wood floors with a heavily stripped back, matt colour underline the character of modern lofts.

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  • Engineered wood flooring trend update 2013

    Old values, reminiscences of historic patterns: the new engineered wood flooring products from Parador provide surprises with fascinating designs, which pick up on classic flooring patterns or use special finishes to create...

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  • Engineered Wood Flooring Trendtime 8 from Parador relies on craftsmanship

    The beauty of any timber is hidden in its unique texture, grown over many years, which bears and testifies to the course of time. In order to bring out the individuality of the wood more finely, Parador is focusing on...

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  • Ecology and style in harmony

    Eco Balance” is the name of a new product family from Parador. It includes 6 laminate and 15 engineered wood floors. With the Eco Balance products, the premium manufacturer focuses on health in the home and conserving...

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