New: Parador New Classics Design Edition by Hadi Teherani

Coesfeld, January 2014 – With the collection “New Classics Design Edition by Hadi Teherani”, Parador redefines the basis of home interior design: For the Coesfeld-based company, the internationally successful architect and designer, Hadi Teherani, created laminate and engineered wood floors, which reveal interpretations of traditional installation patterns with slight nuances and valuable materials used in subtle ways to play with classic floor art.

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The ability to combine designs creates further scope with a number of variation options.


New Classics Design Edition: Engineered wood flooring

Classic installation patterns fascinate by their familiarity, which has developed over centuries. Herringbone, one of the best loved classic installation patterns, is seen as a statement for timelessly good taste. The engineered wood floor, “French Oak”, also adopts this theme in a fascinating way. With two wood types, oak natural and smoked oak, and two different

strip widths, it opens up an unprecedented number of design options, as all the planks can be combined with each other. The dynamism of the floor and its effect in the space depend on how the modules are combined – from the classic herringbone in light or dark through to new, exciting mix looks.


New Classics Design Edition: Laminate flooring

Hadi Teherani has used the traditional flooring materials of wood and marble to create the laminate decors “Light Marble Oak” and “Dark Marble Oak”. The interplay between the materials generates an exciting tension here in the room, which is accentuated by the stripiness of the marble elements.

With “Light Marble Oak”, Teherani combines a natural oak with white Italian marble, whilst “Dark Marble Oak” features a liaison between thermal oak and black marble.

The laminate floors “Ornamental Oak” and “Graphic Oak” are based on the geometric, decorative possibilities of the classic panel parquet floor. “Ornamental Oak” uses light and dark diamonds to form star-shaped, playful structures, which are reminiscent of grand properties from days gone by. “Graphic Oak” also uses the diamond look, here in a purist, straight-lined style. The interplay of light and dark oak creates a relief effect on both floors, which almost gives the impression of inlay work. The various ways that the laminate planks can be combined ensures an individual floor design.

The laminate floor “New Classics Design Edition by Hadi Teherani Dark Marble Oak” combines the classic flooring materials wood and marble to create an interplay with particular tension. 



Herringbone re-interpreted: Narrow and wide blocks in light and thermally treated oak generate unusual floor patterns. Pictured, the engineered wood floor “New Classics Design Edition by Hadi Teherani French Oak”

The architect and designer, Hadi Teherani, builds high-rise buildings, company head offices, apartment blocks, retail centres, stations, public offices and universities including their interior design, but also exhibition stands, showrooms and flagship stores.


The architect and designer, who transcends boundaries in every respect, took architecture as a way of meeting a comprehensive need to design. That is why his internationally acclaimed creations (40 architecture prizes, 48 design prizes) include the whole range of product and interior design, with which architecture only becomes atmospherically complete – from floor coverings and door fittings to modular kitchens. The Hadi Teherani Group based in Hamburg covers the fields of architecture, interior design, product design and consulting. Other branches are located in Frankfurt, Moscow, Abu Dhabi and Bangalore.


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