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Pink and Pop

The nhow Hotel in Berlin surprises its guests with the unusual. For example with its own sound studio over the Spree and room service that brings Gibson guitars to your room including amplifiers and headphones. Even more unusual is the hotel's whole interior, which was created by the New York designer Karim Rashid in his typically colourful, almost surreal signature style.

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  • Design & dynamism: A-Class meets Parador

    The new Mercedes A-Class inspires a Mercedes dealer in Münster to a special display concept: he installs Parador Edition 1 laminate floors at eight sites.

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  • The Hundertwasser architectural artwork in Magdeburg

    In the “Grünen Zitadelle”, the last building project by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Parador floors underline the philosophy of the architectural artwork.

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  • Pure nature for bon vivants

    The internationally successful architect, Matteo Thun, furnishes 20 holiday homes on the slopes of the Moselle valley with Parador floors. The result is a bright and reduced design.

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  • Olympic swimming pool fitness center

    In one of the most famous buildings in Germany, well-known from the 1972 Olympic Games, is a fitness centre equipped with Parador products.

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  • A suit for “Herr von Eden” in Hamburg

    Clothes make people. And the floor makes the ambiance. The exclusive gentlemen's fitter “Herr von Eden” opts for vintage style floors from Parador for the design of its Hamburg label store.

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  • Energy-saving house – the windmill on Lake Zernsee

    Future-oriented living? In a windmill? That alone is unusual. Yet a windmill in Potsdam tops everything that has gone before with an intelligent energy saving technology. Laminate and solid wood flooring from Parador provide...

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  • The restaurant “Am Aasee” in Munster

    Gourmet cooking and Parador premium floors find their rightful place in the restaurant “Am Aasee”. A magical place, as even a very special love story takes place at the foot of the restaurant.

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  • The Elysium & Spa in Rhodes

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  • Pink and Pop

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  • Agatha Ruiz Fashionstore

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  • Hairclub hairdressing salon / People & Schumacher

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  • Rudebox Bar Houseclub

    The Rudebox Bar in the Westphalian town of Münster is a house club of a peculiar type: elegance and style set the tone here, and not only where the music is concerned.

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  • Inselloft Norderney

    The “Inselloft Norderney” concept hotel combines history with design. Architects Brune & Company, have developed a stylish Spa Hotel with sea views from four listed buildings.

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