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Hadi Teherani

The architect Hadi Teherani designs for Parador.


The architect Hadi Teherani designs residential buildings and company head offices, apartments and retail centres, stations, public offices and universities. Inspired by the Bauhaus movement and by conceptual architecture, Hadi Teherani takes the focus of his work as a way of meeting a comprehensive need to design, which also includes the product design and consultation stages. That is why his internationally acclaimed creations also include the whole range of product and interior design, with which architecture is only atmospherically completed – from lights and modular kitchens through to floors.

Hadi Teherani Website

You can find out more about Hadi Teherani and his collaboration with Parador in BODEN magazine from P. 96:

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“What a poet can express with words, the architect and designer can do just the same with materials, colours and shapes in the space.”


Hadi Teherani


Lofts Falkenried

Over an area of 8,000 m² Hadi Teherani planned apartments in an industrial estate in Hamburg Eppendorf. 39 lofts with balconies, terraces and roof gardens are given the industrial charm of the building and at the same time emphasise the difference between old and new use. Besides the 'Skydeck' with its metal roof, the façade construction made of glass and steel gives the building its purist, futuristic look. Hadi Teherani


The broad portfolio of office furniture, which Hadi Teherani developed for Interstuhl, was designed ergonomically and at the highest aesthetic level. Due to its functionality and design, it bridges the gap between quiet and lively and between work and home. Thus the utilitarian object 'office chair' turns into a desirable design piece, whose properties, curves and details impress equally in terms of look and feel. 

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