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Parador gave invitation to future-based competition

Parador invited designers and creatives to a very special competition of ideas: from 2 May to 20 June 2012, suggestions for innovative, future-oriented flooring concepts were able to be submitted on the jovoto open innovation platform under http://parador.jovoto.com. Total prize money of 15,000 euro was on offer. During the entire period of the request for proposals, registered users were able to evaluate and discuss ideas that were submitted. The prize winners were determined at the end of the competition by their community ranking. 

What does a floor covering look like in future? What features distinguish it and can it integrate further additional functionalities such as lighting or sensor technology? Which materials play a part in view of the changing necessities of life and home living and how can the aspect of sustainability be reasonably taken into account. 

The participants in the competition were expected to deal with these questions and develop new concepts for flooring design aimed at specific target groups. “We do not just expect new patterns or decors here,” says Birgit Kunth, Marketing Manager at Parador. “For us it is more about experimenting with future materials and functions; about inspirations that consciously do not come from the flooring industry, but from creative people working in other areas. We are looking for ideas that thrill people with sophisticated and exclusive furnishing demands.” 

With this request for proposals, Parador wanted to push its leading role as an international design brand for flooring and wall design and set further creative standards. Over 35,000 designers, artists, lateral thinkers and creative people are currently registered worldwide with jovoto, who are actively playing a part in ongoing projects. To take part in the competition, people were able to register under http://parador.jovoto.com and join in immediately: Submit your own ideas, comment on other people's suggestions, enter into dialogue with participants all over the world and develop ideas together. It was also possible to join up into teams. In this way, creativity and skills complemented each other at interdisciplinary level. All members of the jovoto community were able to evaluate the submissions and therefore decide collectively about how the prize money was awarded.


The Backround

In der Vergangenheit hat Parador bereits mit herausragenden Persönlichkeiten der internationalen Design-Szene, wie Zaha Hadid, Karim Rashid, Matteo Thun, Jean Nouvel und Anderen zusammengearbeitet. Die Innovationsfähigkeit, der aus der Zusammenarbeit enstandenen Kollektion Edition, wird durch bedeutende internationale Design-Auszeichnungen wie dem AIT-Award (Interior Innovation Award) und die Design-Auszeichnung reddot - bestätigt.

Um den innovativen Charakter des Unternehmens zu unterstreichen und um sich weiterhin als Vorreiter zu positionieren, entwickelte Parador gemeinsam mit der jovoto Community neue herausragende Bodenkonzepte.

The result

More than 600 creatives took part in the project:

● 184 ideas and 1,500 idea versions  
● over 7,500 comments
● over 11,000 evaluations



Ariadne by peterpeter 
Show draft



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