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German Design Award 2011


The “Grid” decor from the Parador Identity range was awarded the “Special Mention” prize for special design quality. The prize is awarded by the German Design Council. Only nominated companies can take part. For this year's awards, the jury composed of 30 design experts selected winners in nine categories from almost 1,500 submissions. The “Grid” laminate floor impressed the jury in the “Home Interior” category. The decor belongs to the “Parador Identity” range, with which floors can be developed as requested and to match any building. In this respect, decors can be created completely freely or using a wide number of different motifs.

Initiated by the German Bundestag - Donated by German industry

The donation was founded by the BDI and a few leading German companies in the spring of 1953. The German Design Council currently includes 200 design-oriented companies that employ more than 1.8 million people.




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*Alle Preise verstehen sich als unverbindliche Preisempfehlung (UVP) von Parador inklusive der gesetzlichen Mehrwertsteuer in Deutschland. Die Preise unserer Handelspartner können abweichen.

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