Values determine how Parador acts and conducts itself. They give what we do a sense of reliability. We have defined a value compass that guides us through all our decisions. The following maxim applies to us: We are genuine, innovative, ambitious and sustainable. We want to fascinate people as a company and with our products. With these values we face our partners, customers, employees and stakeholders all over the world. Our inner conduct is expressed in the success of our products. Our declared aim in this respect is: We make every home the most beautiful home in the world.

"The strength of the brand lies in its ability to speak for itself and to provide people's lives with more than just a product."

The Parador brand helps people to fulfil the basic need to furnish rooms with floor, wall and ceiling elements and to thereby implement their very own values and ideas of home living. The necessary foundation for this is continually getting to grips with ever changing values, needs and trends and persistently experimenting with new ideas and innovative production technology.

The innovation target at Parador is to take the lead in design and technology with products for floor, wall and ceiling decoration. The personality of the Parador brand comes to life by supporting the lives of people. And this is not just in the literal sense through the use of products, but above all in relation to various life images, which are converted into individual home living images with Parador products.

In order to be able to do this in a sophisticated manner, the brand expresses your personality through a high standard of design and quality. The brand thus becomes a 'multiple personality', which is at home in international and high quality interior surroundings.

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