Rolf Benz

The architecture of sitting

What is it that makes a piece of furniture by Rolf Benz so special? The incomparable comfort, the best materials or the first class craftsmanship?

First and foremost it is one thing: the passion for upholstered furniture and design. As the best known upholstered furniture brand in Germany, Rolf Benz combines this passion with the highest claims to quality in a unique form. And uses this to create timeless classics and award-winning models that continue to be bestsellers.

Distinguished with the title "Made in Germany" they guarantee the strictest quality controls. What continues to characterise every Rolf Benz model, however, is the incomparable comfort: an individually tailored seating composition for every sofa with its innovative upholstery. Masterly crafted pieces of furniture with technical sophistication - rounded off with matching solitaires, chairs and dining tables, coffee tables, lights, carpets and accessories.


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